Future Light

Continue with the spirit of nutrition, each one of the padayatris value of the political culture are “ Let his dream of Bharat Yatra come true. An incident Chandrashekarji could never forget one image in the entire PadaYatra. An old woman standing outside her hut with a lantern to guide the PadaYatra while they were passing through a thick forest. Here also our photographic series starts with the same symbolic theme

Bharath Yatra

The new beginning with Sudhindra Bhadoria

Waiting at the entrance of Karnatake to welcome Bharath Yatra by H.D.Devagowdaji and Khadri Shamannaji

Traditional Welcome to Bharath Yatra at the entrance

Public Meeting at the entrance

Chandrashekarji’s speech translated to
Kannada by Ramakrishna Hegdeji

Abdul Nazeer Sab

Chandrashekarji’s speech different moods

Clutches of Poverty and untouchability

Chandrashakerji appreciating rural made
village mobile door to door grinder

People contribution to meet the expenditure of
Bharathe Yatra

On the roadside making personal note about the
problem of people.

On the way at Ghandhibhavan, Bangalore, sharing dais with intellectuals like : Dr U.R. Ananth Murthy. Pattabhi Rama Reddy, Dr Sarojini Mahishi, Veerendra kumar and Nandana Reddy.

Towards Bright future

Waking a few steps along with Bharath Yatra

Vetern Sri S. Nijalingappaji



End of the day

Long live Total revolution